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    Any way to bump up the volume?
    I would like to raise the volume in 2 different ways on my new iPhone 3GS, if possible.

    The built in earphone is much lower than my other phones, even at the highest volume. I could hear normal calls fine, but that's with the volume all the way up. As soon as I talk to someone who speaks softly or if I am in a place with any noise, I can't hear very well. Is there any way to make the speaker (the built in earphone) any louder?

    My second question, when I am in iPod mode and turn the speaker on it plays the songs at a pretty good volume thru the speakerphone. However, when I use the Sirius XM App to listen to satellite radio thru my iPhone, the volume isn't very loud, not nearly as loud as the iPod plays. Is there any way to raise that volume?

    I know that there probably isn't a way to do this, but I figured I would take a shot. The iPhone is very complicated and I wouldn't be surprised if there were some type of master volume hidden somewhere.

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    i have something from cydia called volume boost 3.0 u activate through winterboard and it increases max volume.

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    What is Winterboard? Are these just normal apps available thru the apps store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volt View Post
    What is Winterboard? Are these just normal apps available thru the apps store?
    Nope you have to jailbreak your iphone.

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