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Thread: itunes change location

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    Aug 06, 2009
    itunes change location
    Hi! Can i change a file location on itunes?

    for some reason like 20 of my songs do not play. i looked into it and its because itunes doesn't recognize the song's right file. when i click get info, the file location is not the true location of the .mp3 file, it is something completely different. for example, Love story by taylor swift's location is User:applications:chess:contents:version.plist
    i want to change it back to the correct one can someone please help?


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    Feb 12, 2010
    Angry File Changes Locations
    I have the exact same problem and Can't find anything online on how to fix it. I have to keep restoring my itunes library from a backup drive. It has happened 3 times now and I can't find any repeatable actions.

    I have a Macbook Pro, any help would be appreciated!!!

    This one is driving me crazy to the point I dread opening Itunes anymore.

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