I recently got a 32GB 3Gs. I've synchronised to my work PC so I can deal with work emails etc when out of the office. For the second time now my Outbox on the PC has totally frozen. I can't send any emails. Remote web access from another PC won't release the content on the Outbox. Email on the iPhone is fine both in and out. I can see the frozen emails compiled on the pc in the Outbox on my iPhone but can't release them there either. (Just to clarify, if I compile an email on my iPhone it will send. If I compile it on my PC it won't leave the Outbox.)
Our tech guys are totally lost with this and a colleague using the exact same network/server etc has not had these problems.
Anyone got any suggestions. Would like to solve this asap as our tech guys are on the verge of banning my iPhone from the company network.