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Thread: iPhone backups missing after 3.0 upgrade

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    Jun 10, 2008
    Angry iPhone backups missing after 3.0 upgrade

    I just recently upgraded my iPhone to v3.0.
    I upgraded iTunes to 8.2.

    I noticed that my iCal was still syncing calendar items back into mid-June, even though I checked the box stating that it shouldn't sync items more than 1 day old.

    Since I couldn't get iTunes/iCal to comply with this request, I went online and it was recommended that I run iSync, then reset the Sync History and it would reset some caches and background files, but that my data (i.e.: contacts, calendar events, notes, etc.) would remain untouched. I did do the reset and still couldn't iTunes/iCal to comply, so just left it alone.

    I then figured since I had synched (and subsequently backed up) my iPhone over the last couple of days, that I would restore my iPhone, then restore from my last backup (which was either early yesterday morning or the night before). So, I clicked the restore button. It did it's thing and then gave me my (date) options to restore from.....and here's where the horror and wanting to take a bat to my computer comes into play. Somehow, the most recent backup of my iPhone available on my computer is 3 and a half MONTHS ago. WTF happened to all of those syncs and backups that I've been doing in that last 3 and a half months? My apologies for the veiled profanity, but I'm p*ssed! I've taken literally a hundred of pages of "Notes" (post-April 5th, 2009) which are nowhere to be found. Where'd they all go?

    I checked:

    Library/Application Support/Mobile Sync/Backup

    ...and the most recent one is, you guessed it, April 5th, 2009.
    I mean if the "Reset Sync History" was going to erase any of my actual data files or complete backups, why go back to April 5th?....why not January?.....why not to some random date in the middle of last year?....why did it land on April 5th as the last time it thinks I synched?

    I'm really confused and p*ssed off right now. I lost ALOT of information that I don't have anywhere else because the backup is supposed to take care of that. I, like many people, don't have time to send every single note I create to my email address so that there's a virtual backup of the notes on my iPhone.....that's what the iTunes backup is for!

    Can anybody explain why this happened so that it doesn't happen again in the future and I wind up having to be sedated?



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    Unhappy iPhone backups missing after 3.0 upgrade
    I've got exactly the same problem . I've been searching for some solution but nothing useful was found... I hope the backups are "somewhere"...

    I'm pretty sure the backup from June 17th WAS definitely in the list after the upgrade (my iPhone was stolen then and, fortunatelly, I got it back now). Now I have just few from February and January ! Pretty old ones .

    Everything else was written above.

    Thanks for any help!
    (sorry for my English, it is not my native language)

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