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    Question Bookmarking Audiobooks from CD
    I spend lots of time in my car and listen to tons of audiobooks. If I download from Audible, there is no problem. My iPod seems to remember where I left off. However, if I copy a book from cd, I'd better write down where I left off because my iPod never remembers where I am. It's frustrating to be driving along and have to fool around to find my place in the book. Does anyone know if it's possible to place a bookmark. I've tried, but no luck.

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    This was a problem that I had myself when a helpful friend pointed out there is an option in iTunes that I never paid attention to:

    1) Select the track or tracks that you want iTunes to remember your place on.

    2) Right click the item(s) and choose "get info"

    3) Go to the options tab

    4) Set the "Remember position" switch to "on"

    That is it! Best of luck to you and make sure you let us know what kind of luck you have with this.

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