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    can you still use the ipod function of a service disabled iphone
    Hey guys,
    I am going to get a used iphone from my friend today. The thing is it has no service on it because he has just gotten a new iphone 3gs, so I am wondering if you can still use the ipod function of a service disabled iphone (it cant call or go on the internet, youtube). When i say ipod function, it can still play/upload music and videos right? You can still sync it to itunes and buy apps and put them on the iphone right? I need a honest and accurate answer,
    Thanks very much

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    Honest answer - no problem - accurate, now that is a bit more difficult cos what u want to do is rather unusual but having used my iPhone for a year without a data service but with a standard 2.5 GSM connection i see no reason why it would not work. Try it on appro before u pay for it - u should be able to quickly show that it will do what u want.

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    well my motive is to buy a iphone 3g cheap and save hundreds by just using it as a ipod touch and the big question is: is a unserviced iphone 3g equivalent to an ipod touch?

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    Yes. You can probably buy an ipod touch pretty cheap too since many are trying to get rid of the free one apple provided with a computer purchase.

    You can do what your wanting to do. You can even jailbreak the phone too if you wished. It is possible.
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    Na man its cool im just trying to take advantage of this awesome offer, you see hes kind of rich so he said he might sell it to me for 20 bucks or he might just give it to me.

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    You can use it as an iPod Touch with extra features, such as a microphone, better speakers, and bluetooth.

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    wow free 3G thats sweet. my friend has a rich friend that gave him is 3G for free-99. must be nice..
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    Wink yes
    u can still use it as a ipod and add apps and add movies and if you have a wifi connection in youre home or work place you can still acces the internet only if you have a wifi connection

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    Quote Originally Posted by leopard-user1 View Post
    You can use it as an iPod Touch with extra features, such as a microphone, better speakers, and bluetooth.
    Well, the 2nd gen touch has bluetooth, and a microphone with the right headphones and as far as the better speakers goes that is a non issue. Anyone using it as an ipod probably uses headphones anyway.

    In any case this is a great deal for the OP to take advantage of.

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