This is particularly frustrating as half of the apps on my iPod touch 2G won't load.

I have tried turning it off, and hard resetting it to clear the RAM. Half of the apps on my iPod still won't load.

So, the obvious answer is to connect it to my computer right? Well my iPod won't sync with my computer, iTunes recognises it, then it starts to sync then comes up with different error messages, such as: Device timed out, Disk cannot be read from or written to etc.

So then the next obvious step is to restore it right? Well I can't even do that, as I have about $20 worth of apps on my iPod that aren't stored in my iTunes because I bought them on my iPod touch and as I've said, my iPod won't sync with iTunes. Sometimes when I try to sync, it starts transferring my purchased apps, but then the iPod stops its syncing screen and returns to the homepage while my iTunes still says that it is transferring purchases. About 5 minutes later, I get the inevitable 'device timed out' message in iTunes.

So, how can I get my apps to work without losing the apps that I have bought? Any ideas? This problem has plagued me for the past few days as I try different USB ports, different cables etc, in an attempt to get it to sync properly.

Also, I'm using windows.

Thanks in advance,


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