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    Handbrake? iTunes movies questions
    Why would some of the movies in iTunes show up gray when I am choosing which ones to load on my iPhone? They have the same format as others that are black in the list and will load.

    Also, just converted a DVD with Handbrake using iPhone presets and when moved into iTunes it also shows up gray and we are unable to load it onto the iPhone.

    I must have something set wrong. Anyone know what it might be?

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    It sounds like you may have not chosen the correct settings in Handbreak. I would go back and reque the movies, making sure to choose iphone each time. Usually you can add it to Itunes but, it won't allow you to add it to your phone.

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    Definitely check your settings, as pixie said. Handbrake is designed to be really simple, so if you choose that setting, it should work fine. I've used it numerous times for this same exact purpose without any problems. Good luck!

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    You can try the "Universal" setting as well. It works on my iPhone, iPod and Apple TV just fine.

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