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Thread: OS 3.0 Upgrade Worth It?

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    OS 3.0 Upgrade Worth It?
    I just got an iPod Touch with my new computer, and it's a lot of fun. I see, however, that there is an optional upgrade to OS 3.0. It seems like the biggest improvement with it is for games, though. I don't really play games, and I don't (at least now) use it as a really utilitarian device. It's just kinda fun to play with (I also have an iPod video and shuffle for my music needs). Apple seems to be not all that clear on a lot of the improvements. I'm just wondering if people think it's worth it to upgrade. Thanks.

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    Yes I believe it is worth upgrading too. You might get some improvements under the hood too.
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    The copy and paste functionality and landscape keyboard are worth it in my opinion.
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    Yes, it will get the OS basic functionality on par with what most handhelds have already. That, coupled with the iPhone/Touch's outstanding unique features, will give you a great experience. Have fun and enjoy.

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    Also, the 2G iPod Touches now have bluetooth, with OS 3.0. I have a 1G.

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    I want to go back to 2.0. I loved my touch until I upgraded it to 3.0. Now I can barely log in to wifi spots and my email barely ever downloads (I think because of the wifi problems).

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