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godevil1982 06-27-2009 04:50 AM

Problem With Itunes
have recently uploaded 3.0, but the happiness didnot last long.. something happened to comp ( running windowns xp ).. and i am now not able to open itunes.

i did a system restore.. but didnot help. please help me what to do.. i have so many applications and data in it.. if i reinstall itunes.. i may loose all that. can someone tell me where all the data is stores in comp. so that i will replace that file after i reinstall OS and reinstall Itunes.. , hoping that i will have all my applications in tact....

Dawnabella 06-30-2009 11:58 AM

A possible solution
Have you tried going to the place where you store all your itunes information (likely this is going to be something like finder > music > iTunes), and then copying all your music to a hard-disk, a file called 'iTunes Library' (which contains your playcount information etc.) and another file called iTunes Music Library.xml (which contains all your playlist information), and then re-installing / redowloading itunes, and then copying and pasting all the stuff you put aside (mentioned above) into the new empty folder that has been generated to go with your new iTunes?

I'm sure that should fix the problem. Just remember to go to preferences option in your iTunes, go to advanced and reset the path to the appropriate folder, if necessary.

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