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    iPhone app idea....
    im not sure where this thread should be.... sorry if its the wrong forum.

    Anyway, i have had an idea (not original but no-one has implemented it well).

    I was wondering, if a few people wanted to work together on an iPhone app.
    The idea is, we make an app, that's essentially a magazine - the users could download each magazine to the app, within the app, for say, 59p (OS 3.0 Allows it)

    We could produce a monthly magazine, with proper spreads, app reviews, mac rumors and things generally to do with tech.

    i would be happy to write some reviews ETC.

    For it to work at-least one developer would be needed to make the app.
    Someone that could design covers and logos.
    And other writers.

    i hope that makes sense.

    anyone interested?
    any feedback on wether you think it would work

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    Feb 14, 2009
    Ok so I've done some readearch. There is allready another app out there, but it's bad. The reviews say that it is a great idea - but lacks a high quality feel. The dev's seem to not care. So there is definately a gap for one. No replys though? Is it a bad idea?

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