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    iPhone & touch moving to different PC
    my iTunes music library is on my PC, I have my touch and my wifes iPhone syned to it.

    My wife wants to put her iPhone on her PC laptop and keep all of her music.

    Will I be able to back up the entire iTunes library, put it on her laptop, install iTunes on her laptop, sync her iPhone to iTunes on her PC and still be able to keep all the apps, music and photos on both devices.

    we share most of the music library and most all the apps.

    I have tried searching but cant find details on this situation, or I have just not found it yet

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    Mar 28, 2008
    bump....any ideas on this one?

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    I did this awhile back. It was relatively easy, although I don't remember the details. I believe you can simply copy your library to an external drive or similar and then iTunes has an option to import it into the new machine. At some point iTunes will ask you to authorize the machine to be able to play the purchased songs. Apple allows you to have up to 5 computers authorized to use copies of the same purchases.

    I assume Apps work the same way as music purchases, but I did this before I got my iPhone.

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    thanks.... I have copied everything over to my wifes laptop, now im just waiting on her to delete what she does not want so I can show her how to do the sync

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