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    Will AT&T charge for MMS?
    Your thoughts and comments. Do you think we will have to sign up for some bogus MMS plan for the iPhone?

    Source: Why is AT&T delaying rollout of iPhone tethering, MMS? | Apple - CNET News
    These features have topped iPhone users' wish lists since the phone was launched two years ago. But millions of iPhone users in the U.S. will have to wait a little bit longer. That said, AT&T says the features are coming soon.

    "We will be offering a tethering plan and MMS for the iPhone," Mark Siegel, AT&T's spokesman, said by phone. "But we haven't announced a date."

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    No, they've said they won't. Tethering will be a different story though.
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    You will be required to have an SMS messaging plan to do MMS, last I read. And from what I've read, in some carriers an MMS message counts as 4 SMS messages. How AT&T will actually handle that remains to be seen.

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    what if we have the unlimited texting plan from AT&T? anyone know? sounds like it should be free.

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