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    Updated to 3.0 iPhone locked
    I have an iPhone 3G I got a few months ago, never done anything to it but add music and movies (Not jail broken or anything), but today I updated it to 3.0 and after that finished all my phone now says is "Slide for Emergency"

    When it's plugged into iTunes it is trying to connect to the store but that receives an error "We could not complete your iTunes store request. The network connection timed out"

    I can get to the store, and my internet is working fine, does it need to connect to finish the update? Is that the problem? Help please!

    There are no Apple stores/Genius bars where I live so I donít know what to do.

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    Try reconnecting servers are probably in overtime. I did mine at 12:30 today
    without a hitch by now they are swamped.

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    Oh ok thank you, if its just because its busy I'll keep trying.

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    Happened to me too

    Leave it connected to the computer and you *should* get an "iphone activated" message after a period of time. Mine took about 10 mins

    I *think* during the upgrade process it contacts an activation server. I suspect that it timed out whilst it tried to do this and kept retrying until it could authorise the phone.

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    Jun 17, 2009
    Thanks for the help, I tried it again and eventually got it working

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