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josvasanth 06-12-2009 02:19 AM

Weird problem with Ipod Touch 2Gen
Hiya folks...
I have problems in downloading/installing/updating apps directly on the ipod touch using wifi. It used to work earlier without any problems but in the last month or so it juz hangs there stating "Loading" but nothing happens after that.
Where as I am able to download the apps via Itunes store on my macbook and then sync up the apps to ipod. This is causing me too much trouble every time when I need to dwld new apps or update existing apps.

I searched the apple support forums/discussions but could not find any clues to it.

Did anyone face this problem before & is there any solution to it...

josvasanth 06-17-2009 11:01 PM

I managed to fix it
It was bcos of the podcast subscription to a different itunes store other than the local itunes store..
I was able to download & install apps , once I had the podcast subscription & the videos removed from my ipod touch..


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