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    Question iphone/mac & outlook information share
    Hi, Apologies if this an old topic and I promise I have looked to see if I could see a mention anywhere.

    I moved to Mac about 6 months ago and bought myself an iphone a week or so back. I can link the two no problems. However I also have a work PC laptop (vista and MS office with Exchange) and a Samsung Omnia (windows mobile).

    My day to day calendar and contacts are historically held in Outlook and linked via exchange based push processes so they are updated in realtime, 24/7.

    I'd loe to have this information on my iPhone and Mac as well. I can get the iPhone to pick up exchange info and synch with my work server no problem, however my issue is how do I share the info (ifat all possible) with my desk based home iMac?

    At present if I use MobileMe I get a seperate mobile me calendar set up on the iphone that just replicates all off my exchange calendar data. I've tried setting up mobile me on the Vista laptop but it doesn't work with exchange, so will not swap the calendar data.

    Does anyone now if there is a way to do this? and if so how? I appreciate wanting the same data all synched on 4 serarate devices is a bit unusual but would be great if I could get it to work.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    sync up your iphone to your mac. go to itunes click on the iphone device. then click on the info tab. there should be something that'll sync Calendars. Make sure at the bottom you do not have the replace iPhone information checked for calendars. You do that for both your PC and your Mac. Your PC and Mac will pull the info off your iPhone.

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