Hi Hi,

I am an iPhone developer from Singapore actually. Back here I developed a shopping mall application called SGMalls. SGMalls helps users in a shopping context and it provides Mall specific information to help the user to decide which store to patronize, to find their way to a store or to call a store to make a reservation. Think of it as all the shopping directories right in your phone. The response was pretty good and we were the number one app within a week of release.

So I ported the app to Sydney and called it SYDmalls. Data collection took a really long time! SYDMalls just got approved on app store today and here is the iTunes link. iTunes Store

I am not sure if it would be well recieved as the shopping culture might be different but I though since Aust is so near to Singapore, I would just give it a shot. Hopefully if it goes well, then the other down under cities would have their own version soon. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!