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    iTunes wants to erase my iPod
    I just got my MBP. Previous to that it was not hooked up to any computer. I was using it as a calendar mostly. I bought a MBP unibody last week and love it. The lappy is one of the best. I have an acer linux laptop and that is a good one to but I can't put this thing down.

    I hooked my IPOD up to it and a few things happen. One it changes the dates I already have on my ipod calendar. I don't have much music on the ipod, just the free stuff I could download directly. Now that I have a MBP I copied all my music to my itunes library and tried to sync to my ipod, but itunes says it must erase my ipod! What gives. I am in manual mode already so I just copied the itunes playlist to my ipod touch. I would like to get the ical and mail working with my ipod touch. Any tips? Thanks

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    I don't think there is away around that. Since you synced it to another computer already. It's basically set up like that so you don't pirate songs and stuff.

    Back up your stuff and let it do what it wants to do to your iPod. Either that, or use your other computer with that iPod only.

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    ok you need to do this. COPY your purchased stuff from iPod to iTunes. it should be under File third from the bottom option. If you have a lot of ripped stuff then you are SoL unless you have a 3rd party app that'll pull songs off your iPod, or backed up you music somewhere outside.

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    I think a program called MediaMonkey will do exactly this. I have not used it in a long time but i know it does sync and read music from iPods.

    MediaMonkey » Information » Free

    Hope this helps

    Sorry for the edit - I know this program is PC only, but maybe you have a PC handy etc

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