Ok...I've tried looking EVERYWHERE, and can't find anything of what is going wrong...

1) I download PDANet 1.52 from Cydia

2) I create an ad-hoc with automatic channel, and 128bit password, get ip of

3) I connect to wifi network on iphone, get ip of

4) I open PDANet

All I ever get is "PdaNet WiFi Router is ready. Please go to WiFi settings and connect to your computer's peer-to-peer(ad hoc) network, then launch PdaNet again. Your computer will be online automatically."

I never had this continued problem before I updated to 1.52. With 1.51 I would sometimes get this message, but I would just go back to settings and forget the network, and then reconnect. Then go back to PDANet and it would register that the computer is connected. But 1.52 does not register it ever. I tried this, i tried with no encryption, i tried changing the wifi channel, i tried enabling the proxy setting and it doesn't work either way (yes, I set up my SOCKS proxy correctly (when I enabled it in PDANet, otherwise I was sure to turn off SOCKS proxy settings), that is not the issue)

I have found the iphonemodem2 does work, but I have to use proxy settings, this is what PDANet if for, to bypass the proxies so I can use Mail or iChat, but it won't work, so I can't check my mail, I can only use safari. Or i can use iChat with the proxy settings, but then can't video/audio connect or share computer screen, which I want to do sometimes for short conferences while i'm on the road.

Anybody know a fix for this?

As a side note, I also tried the cracked version of PDANet 1.52 and it does the same thing, it does not register that it is connected to my MBP. It is able to register that it has a wifi connection, otherwise instead of saying "PdaNet WiFi Router is ready" it says something to the affect of "no wifi connection." It just doesn't register that my computer is connected.