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    Arrow To Store multiple value using one textField and PickerView
    Hi all,
    i am facing a little problem,
    i have a UITextField and a Picker View, to store multiple phone numbers,
    there is picker which have three values (home, mobile, work)
    and one textField is there,
    how can i save the multiple phone number of textField one by one.
    One thing more i have to use NUMPAD type keyboard (UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad) in which DONE button is not there, So i can not use
    - (BOOL)textFieldShouldReturnUITextField *)textField
    method to store TextField Value in any varialbe.

    can any one help me.....???????

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    Jun 02, 2009
    hmm..i dun really understand you question.

    How i would do it is by saving the number everytime UITextfield is changed.

    On change, check to see the UIPicker selected index. then according to the selected index, save the number as (home/work/fax)

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