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    Question Iphone 3g no 3rd party audio output
    I have my iphone 3g hooked up to my deck in the car.. its connected via the Iphone Jack at the bottom (utilizes the USB) now my problem is 3rd party applications such as radio streams apps (particularly Tuner App) i get sound/music fine from the Ipod section of the iphone, but when i launch TUNER app to stream radio i get no sound.

    im assuming this is a software issue when using the USB to transit sound/music. but is there any cydia/or appstore application which will by-pass this restriction? something that would run in the background?

    so basically i need a app that will allow certain apps installed on my iphone to transit music via the Iphone USB cable to my stereo.

    Thx in advance..

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    hmmmm....I use pandora all the time through my iHome clock radio and it works fine...besides apps don't run in the backround so that app wouldn't exist untill 3.0 comes out

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