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    hi there

    i just tried to purchase myst from the app store on my ipod touch but i keep getting the same message pop up onscreen telling me that its unable to download and that i should check in iTunes for available downloads, i downloaded myst directly onto my iTunes only to discover i can't manually manage apps onto my ipod, i can manually manage music and movies but if i decide to sync the applications in the applications tab on the ipod i'll lose the other apps i've bought (which i'm not too keen on losing), is this a temporary problem that the app won't download or will i have to weigh up the options and bite the bullet? also i'm a little bit confused that you can't manually manage apps or at least there's not a button to give you the option

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    I am not sure why you think you would lose other apps , but to answer your question about managing your can select which apps to sync just like you can movies and music. Only select the apps you want to sync the rest are stored on your computer and will even be updated there.

    Just a thought after I left....You dont have to worry about losing the apps that you bought on your touch because iTunes will prompt you to transfer purchases from your touch to iTunes .

    I hope this helped

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