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    My iPhone crashes every time I try to check voicemail
    I purchased an iPhone 3G 16gb two weeks. Up till this afternoon I have been thrilled with it. Today though, I checked a voicemail and everything was fine, then I went to recheck the same voicemail (to get an address) and as soon as I hit the name, it crashed. AFter pushing the power button several times it came back up. Again, I tried to check the voicemail and the screen goes black.

    I have restored the phone to factory settings (after backing up) but it is still happening. Any ideas?


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    Time to take it back to Apple or AT&T....

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    did you recently install a new app/software? It could happen if your iphone is jailbroken (not recommended)... but anyhow it really does sound like it's time to take it back to the mother ship (Apple store).

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