This is my first post, so plz bear with me.
Ok here's the run down. I'm on a G4 running 10.4.11. Yesterday I noticed my ichat 3.1.9 was showing the email addresses w/out the names of my contacts/buddies. Weird! So, I restarted iChat, and it ran me thru iChat AV set up...weird, but I went on with it and it started up, again with the contacts/buddies listed as email addresses and not the contact names from my Address Book. It seemed out of sync w/my address book. So, I went to my Address Book 4.0.6 and there are NO names or contacts at all in it. Nothing! At this point i'm freaked out. WTF? Right? I called a friend and we went thru a couple of tries to see if they were backed up, which they weren't. So, we thought we'd take my iPhone, which still has the contacts on it, and sync to thru iTunes 8.1.1 to my cpu. We tried the Sync Address Book Contacts tab, All contacts button marked off and then pressed sync. Nothing, no contacts from my iphone were taken off my phone and copied to my address book. So, we thought about making a new group in Address Book and syncing my contacts from my iPhone to the new group. Nothing again. WTF?
I really need some help and guidance here, since I can't even send emails b/c I have no contacts in my address book. Good news is that I still have them all on my iPhone.
How can I successfully extract my contacts off my iPhone to my Address Book??