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    How to backup and sync all music from iPod to iTunes?
    Last week, my 80GB iPod died. Took it to tech support but it was beyond salvage. I can't live without my iPod, so 10 minutes later I was the owner of a brand new 120GB iPod classic.

    Next was the task of filling it with music. Not easy, because I don't want my entire iTunes library on my iPod. So I had to go through the whole library to see what I did want to have on it.

    This made me think: Is there a way to sync the contents of an iPod to a backup folder? I know there's plenty of apps that simply copy the contents of the iPod to any folder, but I don't want to copy 40GB each time I need to back up. What I need is an app that checks what has changed on the iPod, and applies the changes to the backup folder - without having to copy everything each time.


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    I don't know of any, and I'm not sure if this will work with iPod Classic... Try checking "Manage songs manually" and "Enable disk use" so that you can copy/paste the contents of your iPod (or what's new) onto or out of the iPod.

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    Why don't you simply use the checkbox feature in iTunes? Uncheck the boxes next to the songs you don't want on the iPod and it'll only sync the ones that are checked off. If you want to add more music, then simply hit the checkbox and it'll get added on the next sync. Seems to be much simpler than what you're proposing.

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    Sorry, misread the question. I'm not sure if you can sync the iPod to anywhere other than the iTunes library. Have you looked at YamiPod or Sentui? They might allow you to copy to a folder structure rather than iTunes library.

    Personally, I like carrying my whole music library in my pocket because I never know what kind of mood I'll be in and what music I may want to listen to.

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