I would appreciate your feedback!!

Criteria For Test.

YOU HAVE to have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch - a 1st gen will not help me.
5 Mins.
Main computer snycing with iPod = Mac
OSX 10.5+
iPod Software 2.2.1
(All legal)
WiFi Connection for accessing email account on iPod
iPhoto on Mac with pictures in it.
ISP email account to send photos out from iPhoto on Mac.

Because this worked fine on the 1st gen iPod Touch I had, and does NOT work like it should on the 2nd Gen iPod running software v2.2.1

This is not that long - I just wanted to give really precise directions on how to do this test.

Take about 5 mins once you are sitting at you main computer (a Mac) that you sync your iPod Touch with (2nd Gen). You have to be running Leopard 10.5.x, with updated iTunes 8.1.1 and up-to-date legal software on the iPod (2.2.1).

I am trying to problem solve an issue I am having on my iPod. Apple "support" is trying my patience.


First the iPod does not need to ever be plugged in. Please unplug from the Mac.

Select a few (3 or 4) pics from your iPhoto library - at random.
Go to "share" and email them (at the medium file size setting) to an email address that is received OVER THE AIR through WiFi to the iPod.
(Hopefully you are using Mac Mail OS X to do this, however I am not sure it will matter).

Check your email over the WiFi and you should see the email you just sent yourself on the iPod.

Now. Look at the three photos in the email - make sure that they respond to resizing as they should - and they should.

Now. Press your finger on the screen where one of the photos is displayed on the iPod. Hold for just literally a second. The "save photo" or "save all" should come up.

Select "save all". Wait a sec while the iPod saves them. This will take a couple or three seconds.

Now go to the saved photos and look at the three photos that you just placed there.

What to they look like relative to the resolution of the ones you see in the actual email? Try to stretch them as well.

Do they respond to the resize/zoom function...?

(My bet is that depending on the photo - you will immediately see the issue - without trying to zoom them, which only makes it a lot worse!)

If it works for you and all the conditions are met above - then I have the problem, if they do not there is an issue with the software.

I am on my 2nd new 2G iPod Touch and they have both done the same thing - or really in this case NOT responded the way they should.

I know that the 1st Gen iPod Touch I had - which I sold to buy this one did NOT have this issue. The photos looked as good when saved to the iPod as they did in the email which they were received.

Please someone try this and post back what happens... then I can continue to move on in problem solving this.