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    Do I need additional software?
    I am the proud owner of a new iphone 3G. I really love it. It is gorgeous. Now I don't know how I could ever live without a iphone 3G, but now enough praise for my iphone. I have a question regarding additional software. Do I need something additional? If yes, has anybody useful suggestions. thank's in advance

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    play around in iTunes store =)

    here is some: Palringo - chat application for iPhone
    Remote - change songs, volym, see whats playing on iTunes

    I dont use many apps, I have jailebreaked mine and they have some nice themes and apps that runs in the background
    What does Intel do in a Mac?
    A hole lot more then in a PC

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    Any additional applications you run on your iphone are simply a matter of personal preference. For example, if you subscribe to DirecTV, then you can download their app to set your dvr remotely. As mentioned above, you can download "remote" if you would like to use your iphone to control your itunes library or appleTV. There are thousands of apps you can choose from depending on what you want your iphone to do. As Hero posted above, it is best that you play around in the itunes app store and see what items interest you.

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