Hello Everyone,

I am really hoping someone has so advice for me as i have been having some real problems trying to sync my apps between my iPhone and iTunes...

A bit of background...

A few weeks ago when doing my usual sync from iPhone to iTunes(I must point out i but most of my apps over the air) i noted it running really slowly but didn't think much of it and carried on about my business. Then a few days later i noticed that my new apps had not synced with iTunes which i thought was odd and then though maybe it was a bug with iTunes.

So far it has not been fixed and i have not seen any major announcement saying this is happening to everyone so it all seems a little strange.

Steps i have taken so far...

1) I searched the forums and found a few people saying i just need to reset the warning and wait for a dialog box to come up asking if i want to transfer the purchases from my iPhone however this box never appeared.

2) I deleted the iTunes file from the applications on my mac and re-installed it however no change.

3) I removed the applications from the root folder (I have kept a copy of them all) in iTunes and plugged my iPhone in and clicked the transfer purchases button. This went on for about an hour and eventually it finished i had no applications in my iTunes and a lot of my applications are no missing from my iPhone.

I really dont know what to do now... Please help!

All comments are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Kyle Tyrrell