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Chris1111 04-06-2009 10:52 PM

can itouch apps transfer to the iphone?
I had an itouch for about a year and LOVED IT! I used it every waking hour of the day.
Unfortunately though I lost it helping a friend move a month ago and I'm just going to go ahead and hold out for the next generation of iphone (hopefully in 2 months right?) instead of replacing the touch.

My question is, will the 50 or so apps I bought and used on my itouch that are still sitting in my itunes transfer to a new iphone or will I have to buy and download everything over again?


baggss 04-07-2009 02:56 AM

The "Next Generation" iPhone isn't going to be out in 2 months. There will probably be some Hardware changes, perhaps styling as well, along with the 3.0 Software update but it will still be be a 3G iPhone.

Chris1111 04-07-2009 04:10 PM

Styling changes, hardware changes, and 3.0 software don't add up to the next generation iphone? Isn't there like a dozen threads on this board referring to the 'new' iphone expected to be released this summer? I'm confused.

Oh well, the real question though is, can apps I already bought for my touch be transferred to an iphone that I buy or do I have to re-buy all the apps on the iphone?

umang7888 04-15-2009 08:52 AM

yes u can just sync them with ur new iphone.. i'm in same situation as u... instead of getting an ipod touch waiting for the new iphone release!
I hope they start selling them with more providers in Australia!

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