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    Talking Artist Sorting ?
    Alright so I got this funky album but it has a whole bunch of different artists.
    When I put it in my ipod and sort by artist (how i normally) it shows all of the artists each with only 1 or 2 songs. I have all these extra artists and alot of clutter.
    So my question is if its possible to keep them organized so that when i sort by artist it shows up with just one artist. "Superfly Soul" for example and it has the songs with different artist in that directory.

    Im sorry if im hard to understand, the problem is hard to describe for me. But if you do get it, any help would be appreciated.

    (Yes I have searched as best I can. But like I said, the problem is hard to describe so search results, here and google are generally unhelpful)

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    I'm not sure that's possible if there are different artists but why not just search/sort by album if this is how you wish to have your music organized?
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    I had this problem too...Figured out it's a naming issue, Had to change the artists to the same one and just added the others to another attribute in the get info menu

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    When you download your music to your iPhone you segregated them according to the artist or not ... just try to find out the properties of your tracks ... I think there are some mistakes.

    Please let us know if it worked or if you got other solutions than update us as well.

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