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Thread: how can I transfer pics from the iPhone to my computer

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    how can I transfer pics from the iPhone to my computer
    hi, have a new iphone. dont know how to upload pics from the iphone to my laptop. have a mac os x version 10.5.5. can anybody help? thank you

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    By default when you connect your iPhone to your mac iPhoto should open automatically. Since it doesn't sound like that is happening, with your iPhone connected to your mac open iPhoto. Then it will scan the pictures stored on your iphone and on the bottom is the import button. You can select specific pictures or all. Then it should ask if you want to delete the pics from the camera.

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    Personally, I just use image capture as that opens up automatically for me (and I don't use iPhoto). Otherwise, just search for image capture in spotlight (or find it in your apps), open it, then plug your iphone in and import.
    dakineyj's way should work just as well, if not better if you want them in iPhoto.

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    Can someone explain to me why they don't allow photos to be synced (off of your phone to your comp )through the iTunes iPhone interface to a user specified folder? Seems kind of pointless to NOT have a feature like that.

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    lots of things that you think should be there, but it's not
    Would be awesome if you could point "that folder with picture, I want in my iPhone" =) so if you dont want to use iPhoto you can easily import pictures from folder, like when you choose your wallpaper you can add folders, something like that would be great in iTunes
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    Just plug in your iPhone with your mac and it will show that you have got an accessory. Just click on that and will show you the content. Find out the photos folder, copy them and paste on your mac.

    Please let me know if this wont work with you.

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