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mistercurious 03-29-2009 10:06 PM

Getting started in iphone game design.
Can anyone point my in the right direction? I need anything resources you can give me on where to learn about developing games for the iphone and itouch.

Send me links to sites you know, books you've read or heard about. What kind of basics do you need to know to get started. Pretend I know nothing. Where would you logically start.

Thanks everyone.

HeroBiX 04-09-2009 04:30 AM

a really great place to start:
Apple Developer Connection

got allot of documents to read, free to be a member and then you can download SDK from there site to

markbowling 04-29-2009 08:32 PM

I've been working on an application and one thing that was stressed to me was that you had to keep it cheap or not enough people will want it to cover your cost of development.

iTrainer 05-03-2009 08:18 PM

100 Free Courses & Tutorials for Aspiring iPhone App Developers | Best Universities

Other than the ADC, this should give you a comprehensive look at what you need to know to program for iphone. Hope it helps!

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