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    Jan 04, 2009
    iTunes question.
    I have I tunes and for some reason it keeps making duplicate copies of my songs in the music section.

    It only happens to certain albums, some have 3 copies some have four,

    Is there a setting to stop duplicate files from being created.

    I Tunes is VERY annoying software, very cumbersome. Ive spent more time organizing music then listening to it.

    Are there any other apps to use with syncing an I pod ?


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    Jan 04, 2009
    I have a second question.

    I have downloaded movies on two different machines with the same I tunes account, Are the movies only downloaded once or do they sit on a I tunes server and can be acessed form different machines via account.

    I have downloaded movies on different computers and when I try to get all the movies on it wants to earse the previous library.

    Can I copy the files from one itunes folder and trans them to a different PCs itunes folder ?

    Thanks for your help

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    answer on second question: if they have same iTunes account you should be able to either download it from iTunes store on the other computer or copy it from the one to another

    Right click on the file you want to move and there should be an option "Show in Finder" or are you using windows, something similar ¨

    first question:
    sounds really weird, do you have that iTunes organize the files and copy them to a certain folder?

    I love iTunes, works great for me, took away the arrows that re direct you to iTunes store and the "genre" when browsing music and I took away genius

    the rest works perfect for me
    What does Intel do in a Mac?
    A hole lot more then in a PC

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