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    why does facebook app not show me the little 'red' number indicating msgs awaiting?
    does anyone know why my facebook app isnt automatically showing me the little red number that indicates i have unread mail in FB?

    it only shows if ive opened the FB app and there is inbox mail which i dont open/read. once i close the app it then shows the little red number. im wondering shouldnt this show up the way it does if your email has mail waiting to be read ?(sorry...hope that makes sense??)


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    Because Apps (well apps other than Phone, Mail) on the iPhone and iPod Touch, do not run in the background. If you are not using, or IN, the app.. then it is not connected to the FB servers.

    If you have Jailbroken your device you can use in Cydia (Free) to do what you are wanting to do (though I haven't tested in with FB).

    In the upcoming 3.0 Software update this MAY be possible.

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    Overpowered PC kthx. Just have an iPhone <3
    You have to click the reload button in the upper right corner. Then it shows you your mail.
    If you sign out after you're done (I don't personally because it's a pain in the.. yea.) and sign back in when you want to use it again that also works.

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