Hi, thanks for checking this thread out

Mediafreaks (MEDIAFREAKS 3D ANIMATION STUDIO) - a well established graphics and animation studio - is currently looking or partners to co-develop Iphone and Facebook applications.

We are open to interest from both individuals and companies. Interested parties will have to be open to a fully collaborative business model where there is little or no monetary exchange - meaning this is not work for hire. Injection will be based on IP (intellectual property) and sweat equity from both parties, and profits will be shared according to input. It will be a fair and transparent model which will be negotiated beforehand.

Mediafreaks will be responsible for ideas / graphics / animation / internet marketing / cartoon IP / business model structuring whilst the interested party will be involved solely in the programming and development of the applications.

There are details obviously not suitable to be discussed here, but I will be pleased to meet up to share more once you have established you are a genuine potential partner.

Please email me at aldric@media-freaks.com.

Thank you and kind regards.