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    iphone and moving to new laptop
    Right, I have an iphone puzzle.

    I need to migrate my iphone from my old macbook to my shiny new macbook pro (with small dent after dropping it in the first week Sad )

    To make things complicated my itunes library is on an external drive usually hooked up to an old imac. When i sync i hook up the macbook to the external drive.

    Is there a simple way to make sure that I dont wipe any apps/contacts / text messages etc.

    Should I point my macbook Pro's itunes at the same external drive? and then sync from there?

    Also, what is the best way to ensure that EVERYTHING currently on the phone is still there after the transfer..?

    usually i find macs to be very straightforward and user friendly but not this time!

    Any help gratefully recieved....

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    late 08 macbook 2.0 4gig 320hdd10.7.3 32 gig iPhone 4s
    as far as your library ...are you wanting to keep it on the xhhd or on the drive of your new macbook pro ? As for you contacts and such its a no brainer Just plug into macbook pro and sync choose the migrate option and all done, Just did tjis very thing a week ago and no problems.

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