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adimrin 03-25-2009 02:13 AM

ipod touch locked
my sister dropped my ipod touch from a considerable height. The black wifi thingie on the back has popped off, but the screen seems ok. I say 'seems' because after she turned it on it is displaying the message "ipod is disabled connect to itunes"

I did NOT have a password set on my ipod touch. Even if I did,i cannot enter anything on the ipod as there is nothing on the screen except the ipod disables message


When i connect it to my mac & open itunes i get a msg saying itunes could not connect to the ipod as it is locked & I must enter a passcode.Also the ipod is not showing up in my itunes sidebar nor in the finder sidebar


I tried resetting it:No result
Also tried this:connected ipod to my mac, turned on itunes. press & hold the power + menu button until the screen goes off, then release the power button while still holding the menu button. after about a minute the itunes said it could not recognize the ipod [error 2001,itunes 8.1]. I read that this is supposed to restore my ipod but to no avail.

I am at home for another week & do not have an Apple store in my town. Pls help am I supposed to endure my return journey without my
ipod :(

Edwin 03-26-2009 08:38 PM

you have to put the ipod into forced recovery mode! i've gotten a pretty good amount of these calls (i do tech support for ipod) the only downside is that you will have to restore it so you will lose everything thats on the ipod

1. turn ipod off (make sure it is disconnected)
2. hold home button down while you're plugging the ipod in to usb cable (make sure cable is already connected to pc and itunes is open)
3. keep holding down home button until a message in itunes pops up saying "itunes has discovered an ipod in recovery mode, would you like to restore" hit yes and after it restores you should be good to go


adimrin 03-27-2009 11:45 PM

It worked...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
writing this on my itouch :)

Edwin 03-28-2009 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by adimrin (Post 824992)
It worked...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
writing this on my itouch :)

:D :D :D

i'm glad i was able to help!!!

cdjackman 05-07-2009 07:19 PM

Will this also work for an iPod 3rd generation touch wheel? I have an ipod that is showing no songs but the memory says it is full. I have gone into the hidden files and all my songs are on the ipod but the songs list shows empty. I have all the songs on iTunes so I wanted to restore the iPod...have tried the normal way to no avail....hopefully you can help me with this.

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