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Thread: New Apps Ideas

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    New Apps Ideas
    Hey guys, A few months back we had the topic on what would we like to see on the next update and fair doo's to apple they seem to have listened. But have you ever looked at your iPhone and thought is there a app for something that there isn't a app for. I thought maybe just maybe if we put our app idea a developer might take them on and make them which be pretty cool. It also a chance to expand our iphone potential if it could expand anymore

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    Heres my first idea, A app that sends text messages at a certian time. SO for intense you go out for a night and tell the gf you'll text her when you get in so you set a text to be sent at a certian time (5am) and ta da she thinks your fine because the text makes sense but your wasted. Theres alot more ways it could be used but its just a idea


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