About two days ago, I found good songs and movies on my friends’ iPod, i want to copy them to your iPod, but i don’t want to sync your iPod with his/her iTunes, because this operation will erase all files on my iPod. I want to copy song, video, movie, podcast, playlist, photo, tv show from iPod to computer for backup,I want to use multiple iPods on one computer or use iPod on multiple computers. For some reasons, your computer and iTunes can’t recognize your iPod, then iPod to Computer software can work as iTunes alternative to help you upload music, video and movie from computer to iPod.

Therefore if you thought Apples restrictions had gotten the better of you and you could never get those files off your iPod again, then think twice as a good iPod to computer transfer program will get the job done for you. Personally I was very much relived and happy with the success I achieved by using the Cucusoft iPod/iPhone/iTouch to Computer Transfer software. It helped me transfer all of my songs, videos and files from my iPod to my new computer very easily and quickly. So if you find yourself in this situation then don’t panic, all hope is not lost, just grab the right tools and you will be in the clear.

How to Back up Songs and Videos to PC with iTouch Transfer?

Step1: Run iPod to Computer transfer Firstly, double click the icon of iPhone/iTouch/iPod to Computer Transfer in the desktop to run it. The following window will pop up. That means it is looking for your iPod device.

Tip: If the iPod to Computer Transfer couldn't find the iPod, please reconnect the iPod to computer and the "rescan" button to detect and scan the device again. Or, you can try to connect your iPod to PC again.

Step2: Select the photos you want to transfer After the device is detected successfully, you can select the picture files you want to download to computer:

You can select the "Photo" from the left options.

On the right window, all the files will be added if you have chosen "Select all".

Once you have decide which music files would be transferred, you just need to click the "Start Transfer" button, this iPod to Computer transfer will begin to transfer photos from iPod to Computer

Step3: Start to transfer photos from iPod to your computer After click the button "Start Transfer", a pop up will show. You have two choice

Transfer to Disk only.

Transfer to iTunes.

You can choose to "Transfer to Disk only". Then click the "Start Transfer" button, the process of transfer photos from iPod to computer will start.

Step4: Transferring photos from iPod to computer finished

When the the process of transferring photos from iPod to computer finished, the following window will pop up. It shows that how many files have been done. You can click the Yes button to view the output files.