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    Best Facebook App for iPhone?
    I have two Facebook accounts, one personal, one for my business.
    I currently use the Facebook App on the iPhone that's put out by Facebook but I see a lot of others listed by other companies and it seems so may work with other services also. The only other service I use is Twitter.
    What I'd like to get is opinions of which Facebook App is the best.
    Most of all, do any work with more than one Facebook account?

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    I currently use Facebook App and link twitter to it with the twitter Facebook App(applied from the web). I've tried using Shozu but it was more of a hassle than just launching the regular facebook app. As for one that allows multiple users, I don't think one exists. You'll just have to keep your settings so that you have to relogin each time. Another way you can go about this is using 2 different Facebook apps on your iPhone with different account settings saved for each one.

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    It may not be what your looking for but use meebo and I know their releasing a app soonish

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