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Thread: Ringtone Recorder Problem

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    Ringtone Recorder Problem
    Hi, I am very new to iPhone/MAC so hopefully this is just a user issue someone can clarify quickly.

    I downloaded this new free app Ringtone Recorder App Shopper: Ringtone Recorder (Entertainment) :App Shopper: Ringtone Recorder (Entertainment)

    I followed all the instructions, downloaded and synced onto my iphone, recorded my quick ringtone and then downloaded. Picked up the m4v file on my pc email and then tried to "Add file to Library" within iTune to load it into the Ringtones folder but no joy! Nothing gets added to the Ringtones folder. I tried saving the file to my pc first and then dragging dropping, but still no joy. I thought maybe the file was too big so I checked the size and re-recorded only 8kb but still will not copy onto the Ringtones folder.
    I searched the hard drive to see where these files were going and found shortcuts and the trashcan full of the file copies. I deleted everything and tried again, with the same results.

    I have a vista pc and an iphone 3g, itunes version 8.0. What could be the issue here?

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    The extension should be m4r, not m4v.

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    That was a typo and not the cause of the problem. Can you offer a solution?

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    Well just in case anyone else has an issue with this. Apparently that app is buggy on certain systems so don't bother downloading it unless you have a way to convert the mp3 to ringtones. I ended up having to use Tunebites to convert the mp3 to m4r. After I did this, I had no problem moving the file to the Ringtones directory in iTunes.

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