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    Nov 18, 2008
    Unhappy Issue with the keyboard
    Hello all. I think i 've (maybe all of us) a problem with the keyboard.
    My nick is Eolo, and every time a try to write it down on my iphone, i get an 'Eoli' when i try to press the second 'O' it gives me the 'I'. But this issue is only in the layout keyboard Portuguese.
    So, what i want to know, is, if there's anyone who have this issue also.
    You only have to change to Portuguese keyboard, and than try to write 'Eolo'.

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    That's probably the auto-correction feature pokin' its' nose where it's not wanted

    Try disabling it ( Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> auto correction ) and see if it stills tries to change your nick.

    Personally I have mine disabled cause I find it to be way to intrusive

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    The auto-correction can make or break your text message. Sometimes I type down complete gibberish and it knew what I wanted to say, but sometimes I type what I want and it gives me something else.

    I just leave it on because once I get going fast on the keyboard I make plenty errors and auto-correction helps out. If I see something about to be corrected and I don't want it to be I just hit the x over the word and it leaves it alone.

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