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kris_199 03-10-2009 08:02 AM

iPhone and network swapping ;)
I've just bought an iphone 3g from ebay however i have an orange contract at the moment. My first intentions were to just get the phone unlocked and use it that way however i now have what could potentially be a better way of doing it. My girlfriend is on o2 so i was wondering if theres a way we could swap our contracts.

Is it possible to swap an o2 contract with an orange one simply by swapping payment and names? Also could you swap the numbers so we both had our own numbers?

(my girlfriend is currently unaware of my plan ahaha hope she will agree)

I just thought this might be an option as there is a US site called cellswapper which pretty much does this.

Thanks in advance for any replies. :)

Sparky0001 03-10-2009 12:38 PM

I've not heard of it being possible, there's plenty of ways to unlock it, and plenty of free apps. ( is the instructions and tools I used to unlock my 2G iphone)

Remarkably easy to follow, I messed up a few times and didn't do any damage to my phone, so to me that's the easiest option right now.

Just remember to back up your contacts, I was visiting the family and decided "why not?!" Since my dad also has an iPhone and wanted it jailbroken. Didn't back them up, realised that when I got home I hadn't backed the phone up in forever and now have quite a few less friends than I did on Friday.

Phone works well, now I just need someone to call :P

kris_199 03-16-2009 12:04 PM

Haha i want an iphone so bad it's insane but i took out a new contract on Orange four months ago.. i've tried almost every possible way to get an iphone 3g sub £250 as i would feel terrible spending more than that on a phone but it's just clearly not going to happen.

I've just listed my current phone SE C905 on a swap it site to see if anyone will swap there iphone for it ahaha - unlikely, although the c905 is brilliant for taking pics.

I want the iphoneeeeeeee argh!

Just spent all my money on the new mac pro :(

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