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    Mar 09, 2009
    Unhappy Some albums don't show on list when trying to sync
    My husband gave me his 16G iPod Touch. I love it!

    I restored the software on the device and set it up as it it was new with my name and information. Downloaded a few games, and all was well.

    Over the weekend, I tried to sync more of my music on it and while most of the albums I synced came up on my album list, not all of them were listed. The ones that did not come up on my album list, came up under artist or song search. Thinking that it was some sort of glitch, I restored the iPod (again) and resynced everything. It is still doing it.....

    Moreover, a couple of the apps I installed are now no longer working. The screen will go black for a moment as if it's about to load, but then the screen returns to the main screen of my iPod.

    This is incredibly frustrating. I spent most of the weekend making sure that all of the fields in the information of each track/album matched, etc. What am I doing wrong?

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    Mar 09, 2009
    I figured it out. I had two issues going on at the same time.

    1) I had several "greatest hits" albums and once I modified the names to include the artist's name before "greatest hits", all of the albums showed up.

    2) My ipod wasn't authorized for use with my MBP apparently. That was an easy fix and now my apps work.

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