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Thread: QuickPwn Froze

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    QuickPwn Froze

    I tried to jailbreak my iPhone 3G 2.2.1 today But QuickPwn froze.

    It got to the stage where it said "Quickpwn is about to to run on your iPhone 3G" and the last message on the log was "2008-11-22 22:21:13 - Successfully built Quickpwn Ramdisk file."

    I let this run for one hour and a bit and nothing happened.

    I unplugged my iPhone and it will not turn on or be recognized by my Macbook for PC.


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    i am sure you have already figured this out, but hold both buttons (home and power) for like 30 seconds, then try turning it back on...

    also there are a lot of us having this same problem with our iphones... "Quickpwn is about to run on your iphone 3g" There are multiple boards with this kind of thread open currently, and I know there is someone out there who has a solution or can come up with one, I just know that it is not me as I do not have the expertise, but come on people, you will be the hero! Lets solve this!

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