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    Question iPod Touch Music download
    Is there a way (without Jailbreaking) that I can get an iPod Touch to download music straight from online? I saw dTunes, but I have to jailbreak for it.

    Also, if there isn't a way, is Jailbreaking safe? I assume that it will void my warranty, as Linux did to my old iPod.

    Oh yeah, and one more question. I might get a 1G Touch. What is different between the 1G and 2G Touches? Do all the apps work on 1G?

    Thanks for any help.

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    The iTunes Music Store might be a good start...

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    About the 1G and 2G iPod touches - the only difference that I know of is that the 2G has an internal speaker and the 1G doesn't. And yes, you can go on the iTunes music store on your iPod Touch as well.

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    I know about the iTunes Music store , but I guess that is the only way to get it directly on it. Is there a way to connect via FTP to it (Go -> Connect to Server)?

    Thanks for the info about 1G vs 2G. I didn't even know 2G had an internal speaker.

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    2G has a faster processor as well.

    You're not talking about illegal downloading now are you?
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    Absolutely not. Most of the bands I listen to aren't signed and have free music for download on their websites.

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    ^ Get 2G. Its newer, has faster processor, has bluetooth which will get support in iPhone OS 3.0 and has a volume rocker & an external speaker.
    Plus, iPod Touch 2G supports microphones, 1G doesnt.

    Thats it. 2G has been jailbroken if thats essential to you.
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