So I just bought an iphone 3g and love it. Where have I been for a year? everything on it works great with the exception of one thing. I have set up my work email account on it and email does properly get sent to the phone. The issue is that there is no synching involved. In other words, if I delete or move an email on the iphone that action does not get reflected in entourage. (I am using a mac with entourage 2008). If I move or delete an email in entourage that does not get synched to the iphone. The iphone just keeps accumulating emails. I also have my settings to only synch 1 day of email and show 25 recent messages. Well I am up to 70 emails and counting on the iphone. If I delete an email on the iphone, not only is that not reflected in entourage but it doesn't go to the deleted emails folder, it's really, permanently deleted. It does show in the email trash folder on the phone but no where on the mac.

I set this up with exchange activesync not mapi or pop.

As far as I know i am on the latest iphone, osx and iphone updates. Any ideas what I should check for? Thanks.