hey guys i got a head scratcher for you.

like many out there im an app addict and i have a lot of them. just recently my computer had to under go a format *yay* not. so now the problem im faced with is next time i sync my iphone to itunes it going sto scrub it and sync to my computer yes most of them are on there but my contacs and other things from cydia will be lost i have been told by the experts from my local mac shop. my question is and wonder if some one wants to trail it what if i click shift restore and do that then just go though the jailbreak again and restore from the one i made will it work? will i have all my old apps back and all my contacts? im running 2.2 firmware on a 2G iphone hit me back to let me know what u think. xXanglesdeservetodieXx@hotmail.com