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Thread: Where is the iPhone user manual in the phone?

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    Where is the iPhone user manual in the phone?
    I know that I found a help file like version of the iPhone manual inside of the phone somewhere but I cannot find it anymore. Did I maybe find it on another app or site or what? I know it was a list type screen that I think had 3 choices and the 2nd one was the iPhone manual.

    Any help on where I seen this would be appreciated since u can't view the manual from apple on the phone through their site.

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    Must have been online, the phone itself doesn't contain a manual as far as anybody can tell

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    You should have a bookmark in safari unless you've deleted it or lost it during a sync etc.

    You could download and send yourself the user guide to your own email and view the pdf on your iphone that way or you can just browse to the full iphone user guide on the apple support site....takes a while to load though!

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    But the safari manual webpage is available from your Bookmarks, as mentioned above.

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