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Thread: I have a mind boggling iPhone 3g sync problem

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    Unhappy I have a mind boggling iPhone 3g sync problem
    I am very computer savvy. I am not a programmer but I can troubleshoot the best of PC problems. This problem however has me pulling my hair out! Please Help.
    I have performed multiple tests trying to determine what the problem maybe. None of these tests has sparked and idea as to a solution for my problem.
    Here is my problem: Approx 2 Weeks ago. I was in syncing heaven... everything worked perfectly. Then one day, my I phone would not sync with I Tunes. Here are the symptoms of my sync issues that I find weird. In I Tunes, I do not have "Automatically Sync when this phone is connected" checked as an option. So when I hook up the USB cable from my comp to my phone, nothing happens. I then proceed to press sync and the phone operates as normal as if it were going to sync. The message that appears in ITunes at first is "Syncing your I Phone". It then proceeds to backup my phone as usual. When the backup is finished, it then begins what looks like the syncing of my media, and then abruptly stops. No media will transfer from my computer (I Tunes) into my Iphone3G. That's messed up but here is the jacked up part. I thought that obviously something had to be wrong with my phone or perhaps I tunes... so I took the following steps in figuring out what my problem was.

    1. Restarted my phone... Turned off and then on and tried again - Failed
    2. Hard Reset my phone ... Failed
    3. Reinstalled I-Tunes 8.02.20 ... Failed
    4. Restored my phone from both I Tunes backup and standalone ... Failed
    5. Tried to revert to an older I-Tunes version - failed
    6. Tested my USB port using memory stick to see if files could be transferred - success ***(FOR THE MEMORY STICK) not syncing I Phone
    7. Check to see if system drivers had a problem on my PC (No Problem)
    8. Updated the Apple Mobile Driver (Didn't Work)
    9. Went into my Window Services application to see if IPod/IPhone services was started and enabled or automatic (It Was)
    10. Check my Windows registry (Everything was fine11. List all .exe files associated with my IPhone3G/ITunes service as a trusted application with my virus software to insure it wasn't being blocked (didn't work and probably didn't need to)
    12. Used a different USB Cable (Failed)
    13. System Restore PC to checkpoint well before this began happening (failed)

    At this point, most would say that I have a faulty I phone3G and probably need to take it back to apple, but here is the kicker... I tested my I phone with another PC that I has I Tunes… works perfectly! Which means the problems lies with my PC! I am wondering if I am missing something. The best way I can describe the problem is that it appears that I tunes cannot transfer data onto my I phone but it accept and receive data from the phone. It seems like some kind of read only kinda of situation if that is even possible. Can anyone HELP!!

    Also I must mention that the machine that I am using is @ work, but I have already spoken to my network administrator and assures me that there hasn't been restrictions placed on syncing our phones. I believe him in that I have tried syncing other phones in our office to other folks PC's and it has worked fine... but I don't know if I trust that my computer wasn't targeted specifically to not have ITunes sync disabled.

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    Get a mac simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by alfiemc View Post
    Get a mac simple
    if you are not going to provide helpfull tips, no need to post to just tell someone to get a mac.... thats pretty lame.

    sedouard, have you tried a different usb port on your PC?? I know you said you tried a different cable, but did you try another port.

    sometimes when you use a device on one particular port for a while and then you use another device on the same port it can mess up the way the USB port acts and cause a problem similar to the one you have for one of the devices.

    Im not saying this will fix it, but its an option to try. Maybe also want to go into the bios and disable USB support and let the PC boot up. then re-start and enable the USB support.

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    are you using a usb port on your machine or a hub ?

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    Hi, i have a similar problem but i tried to sync it to another pc but the result was still the same. itunes prompted "syncing iphone" then "backing up" then stop. i hope someone can resolve this. thanks

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